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Le Jardin

It’s a bit of a diversion. I’m blogging from Marrakesh in Morocco. I’m sat at Le Jardin, a beautifully renovated 16th century building in the middle of the Medina. I’m also writing about tea this time though I’ve never really been a tea person. It just came as a surprise for me to know that Verbena is also a tea. Up to this point, Verbena was not edible according to my knowledge. It’s no doubt that Verbena is my favourite scent as a skin product but never as a tea. So here I am, trying it with some sweet Moroccan pastries.

And you've got to love how they pour it. This lady is a total expert!

Verbena is surprisingly sweet, mild and lemony. I even thought it has a gingery taste. In Morocco, Verbena is widely sold in outdoor markets. It claims to have many health benefits.

I also get to draw the green pot. I love that green pot! And the Moroccan pastries, I can't get enough of them. I so love the nutty bits. Though it was advised to eat only one or two pieces. But really they always come as six in a plate. Very much to my advantage!

And of course the question is, will I drink Verbena tea again? The answer is no!

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