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About me


Photo: Amri Chadha

About me

I am Ari Vitikainen, a Finnish photographer who has been engaged with development work in South-East Asia for 15 years. I have recently returned back to Finland and settled in Helsinki.


My photographs have been published by various organizations such as SIL International, Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission, Wycliffe (China, UK, USA, Finland), SANSA, World Renew, UNESCO, UNICEF, World Food Programme,

Laos-Australian Development Learning Facility, European Parliament, Daughters of Cambodia, PCDP Pakistan, International Cooperation Cambodia, Oh Magazine, Talat Lao, MoEYS Cambodia, MoES Laos and others.



  • Oh Magazine 2015, First Prize

  • Family Meal/ World Food Programme and Jamie Oliver 2014, First Prize

  • Charm of Laos/ MoIC and VNW 2013, First Prize and Award of Excellence


My photobook, Laosin Vuorilla was published in 2013. It is about the Rshi people living in midst of change on highlands of Laos. You can purchase it here: 



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Tel: +358 45 6249812



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