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Andante Coffee Shop

A wall of cups and cacti

Served with Asian love

Dressed in Marimekko

With bold classic prints

This place awakens my innermost being

Of what I was meant to be - a cafe owner

The problem is, numbers shut my brain

I'm not a patient baker either

Owned by Nikko and her lovely girlfriend, Andante serves great coffee. Nikko told me that they opened this chic place more than 2 years ago. Andante is also known for raw cakes and vegan snacks. It is also a flower shop. It has been designed with cool in mind. It’s such a chill place!

Nikko could never go wrong in his cool hat. He is also known as one of the best baristas in Finland.

So to conclude, I decided to rather enjoy the many coffee shops along my street and to sketch while at it. Today, I started drawing some ATCs (Artist Trading Card).

Andante Coffee Shop is located at Fredrikinkatu 20, 00120 Helsinki

And where should I go next?

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