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Dar Cherifa

I’m writing another coffee blog in Marrakesh, just because Ari found this beautiful place. Though it was very close to our Riad, it was not easy to find. But if you knew Marrakesh, then you are familiar with its narrow, well-trodden, intricate network of roads which seem to be leading to nowhere or some that just stop right in front of you.

When I told the waiter about the difficulty to find the place, he replied that it is like a gem. Yes, you need to dig deep to find a gem. But in this case, maybe not very good for business. Maybe. I don’t know. At least, the place was not crowded and so taking photos was less troublesome. Also, I had a peaceful time to sketch. But of course, I didn’t tell the waiter all this.

Notice the blue skies. Marrakesh always has blue skies.

I’m also back to blogging about coffee and what would be more appropriate than to try the Moroccan coffee with Moroccan herbs. And so I gathered all my courage and ordered it. I also took all my strength to taste it. The coffee was very bitter to my liking. It left a strange sting at the tip of my tongue. I was suspecting black pepper. There was also a hint of cinnamon and probably, cardamon. It was a bit minty too. So in general, it was strange.

My fourth plate of six pieces of Moroccan pastries (in total for this trip), didn’t help either. This time I was struggling to eat them all. But maybe if they all have those nutty bits…

And of course the question is, will I drink Moroccan coffee with Moroccan herbs again? I bet you know the answer. Also, will I ever find my way out of this maze?

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