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Holiday in Portugal, January 2019


The first thing we decided to do after Paella and Sangria the night before was to get on the Tram 25. This led us up to the hill with its final stop at the cemetery. So why not just enter. We entered the cemetery and was greeted by cats and more cats. Mischievous ones too! What was interesting in this place was reading the names of those who left before us and seeing coffins all filed up. We didn't take the Tram 25 back but instead decided to take photos of it. Then down we walked towards the sunset, overlooking the Ponte 25 de Abril and Cristo Rey by the River Tejo. 

The next day was about sunrise. Our hotel is conveniently located on Rua Augusta, near the Arco da Rua Augusta. It was wonderful to observe the sunrise by Cais Das Colunas, overlooking the Rio Tejo. Later in the afternoon, we enjoyed the performance of a local band at the Cais Das Colunas while eating castanhas assadas from a street vendor.

Then there was Belém Tower for the next day of sunrise. Then the walk in Alfama and the sipping of Ginginha in chocolate cups. The chocolate cups came in later, around 10 years ago from Óbidos, the chocolate town of Portugal... (Written by Elaine)


14.1.2019. Early Monday morning we took Tram 15 to Ponte 25 de Abril. We got to see and photograph another beautiful Lisbon sunrise by this monumental bridge. For the sunset we went up to the Saint George's Castle - Ari

15.1.2019 Today we visited Cascais, an hour train ride just west of Lisbon. It was wonderful to see this costal resort town and its sandy beaches. From the train station, we walked all the way to Boca du Inferno. We were expecting a windy day but it was warm that we had to remove our coats, although, the sun was a bit behind the clouds... (Written by Elaine)

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