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In search of that classic strawberry cream cake

Have you ever missed the classic strawberry cream cake? That beautiful and delicious layered cake covered in whipped cream with whole strawberries on top. Because I surely do! With all the many different types of cakes coming in, especially lots of cheese cakes, I’m in search of this classic beauty. And especially today to celebrate my birthday. But not the whole cake, of course. But just a thick slice of it. So Ari and I started walking along Freda. It was looking quite dangerous.

But guess what? Along Freda is Kakku Galleria, a cake gallery. Can you imagine that? A cake gallery where you can even have a buffet of cakes.

Here it even says that there is always a reason to eat cake. And if you don't have a reason, you must immediately invent one. Very much my motto! I know that someone out there is having a birthday - my very reason to eat cake.

And what a special treat to have two different half sliced cakes of your choice for a price of one. I always felt Finnish cake slices are huge and so even sharing the slices with Ari was more than enough. Can you see my drawing too?

And can you read what this says? I can.

This Kakku Galleria is located at Fredrinkinkatu 41, 00120 Helsinki. There are also other Kakku Galleria around Helsinki.

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