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Abolbuna Coffee Shop

In a matter of just a few seconds, I was transported to another place. I was not in Helsinki anymore. I was in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee.

Sat at Abolbuna Coffee Shop, an Ethiopian cafe, I can hear Amharic being spoken. There was even an Amharic alphabet chart hanging on the wall.

The strong and fragrant-rich coffee was served in a common way - with popcorn! It was my first time to have popcorn with my coffee. Though the owner told me that in Ethiopia they serve coffee with other snacks too, like cake and bread.

But coffee is not everything. Ari and I ordered Mahberawi, an Ethiopian non-vegetarian feast. It is a dish of rolled injeras with various spicy stews. It was so delicious. It was good though that Ari has been to Ethiopia. Otherwise, I might not know how to eat this dish properly! Can you spot the boiled egg?

And for the drawing, a jebena! The jebena is a clay pot used in the Ethiopian traditional coffee

ceremony. And don't forget the ring at the base. A jebena can't stand on its own.

Abolbuna Coffee Shop is located at Eerikinkatu 43, 00180 Helsinki

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