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Where the coffee is...not

I've always wanted to write about cafes in Helsinki. Even while still living in Vientiane, I planned to blog about them as soon as the prospect of moving to Helsinki came into being. Now after more than two years of living in Helsinki and after drinking lots of coffee at different cafes, it's finally coming true. Yesterday, Ari and I walked near our flat in search for a coffee place to start. Of course, the Kissa Kahvila was the most obvious first stop.

Who would not like to go in after watching two beautiful striped tabby cats lying lazily by the cafe's window. These cats look identical, like one cat staring at the mirror.


But guess what? On a Friday afternoon, we were expected to have a reservation. The cafe was, in fact, full. And so that was an unsuccessful first!

But fear not! Almost next door is a lovely place, a very lovely place. Ari and I excitedly went in. A woman wearing an apron, who honestly looked like a blast from the past, greeted us. The place smelt so good. To our surprise, it was in fact a tea room. Unfortunately, no coffee is served in this place.

And so the walking along Freda Street (Fredrikinkatu) continues…

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