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Café Tulips

Cafes are cafes and they are everywhere near where I live in Helsinki. I could write about my experience with every cafe but maybe not. I thought I would create a radius around my flat and voila, every cafe to go! But while walking along Freda Street (again Fredrikinkatu) in search for a cafe, Ari saw a sign for Café Tulips, a Turkish coffee shop, just off Freda. And there I was, craving even more for Baklavas. After Ari brought me back four pieces of huge Baklavas from his trip to Marseilles, I can't stop thinking about them. So there was no question. Café Tulips was the place to go. And the Baklavas are calling, like hypnotic whispers carried by the Spring breeze...

The coffee was perfect. It can't escape a perfect description. It had a rich flavour, smooth with a subtle hints of rich chocolate. Or something like that. In other words, I loved it! We have been to Turkey three times before but I can't remember Turkish coffee tasting like this. And isn't it so pretty! Since I don't take sugar in my coffee, I was given a bowl of Turkish delight. How sweet!

According to Astrit, the guy who runs the place, Café Tulips opened in August 2016. He designed the place and was quite proud to let this fact be known. He made one of the corners to look like a place to gather in the village. He came to Finland from Turkey some 25 years ago. He has an engineering degree. But with a disappointed look on his face, told us that now he has to run this place to earn a living. While me, on the other hand, thought that running a cafe is a best place to be. People went in and out of the place looking happy after having Turkish coffee and Apple tea. Not to mention, all the other delicious delicacies carefully displayed on the counter. What could be a better way to share the love!

And since I carry a sketchbook with me, a drawing it must be. Of course, it's a drawing of Tulips at Café Tulips!

Café Tulips is located at Lönnrotinkatu 14, 00100 Helsinki

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